July 30

Ringtone Designer Pro is here!  Create unlimited iPhone ringtones using songs in your iPhone’s iPod Library.  Available now in The App Store.

July 21

Ever wanted an easy way to make custom iPhone ringtones from the songs you already own in your iPod Library.  Now you can with Blackout Labs’ latest app Ringtone Designer Free.

July 12

Blackout Labs’ latest app Gtxt is available now.  Use it to send SMS messages from your Google Voice account.  An update that includes checking your GV SMS inbox is in the works.  Get Gtxt now.  It’s free!

February 16

Users can now try our app Ringtone Piano by downloading Ringtone Piano Free.  Available now in The App Store.

January 18

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of both Ringtone Piano v1.1 and the service.  Ringtone Piano v1.1 allows users to share their custom ringtones via email or on Twitter by uploading the ringtones to

November 19

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the official Rise Records app we did for our friends at Rise Records.  It’s available now for free in The App Store.  If you need a custom iPhone app for your band or label, contact us.

Our Apps


Duo is a great easy way to update Twitter and Facebook from the iPhone.  No long load times or lack of control.  Independently update your favorite social networks with one click each.  Best of all, it’s FREE!

Check out the demo on our YouTube channel

Available now for FREE in The App Store

i808 Drum Machine

i808 brings vintage hip hop drum machines to the iPhone in a fun, easy to use app.  Make beats with 11 timeless drum machine instruments used in today’s hip hop songs.  Change patterns, beats, and options on the fly as you listen to your beat.  Amateur beat makers will love the fun, dynamic live-play interface.  Professionals will appreciate the exclusive cd quality (16 bit 44.1 kHz) samples taken from an original vintage analog drum machine in Blackout Labs’ studios.

Check out the demo on our YouTube Channel

Available now in The App Store

Hip Hop Producer

Now anyone can make professional hip hop music. Even if you’ve never played a musical instrument or written a song before, you can easily create great sounding original hip hop beats with Hip Hop Producer for iPhone and iPod Touch. Choose your favorite beats and melodies from over 100 exclusive samples and assign them to each of 16 beat pads. Configure the beat pads to loop, play once, or play only while you hold them. Then tap away to create your original song.

Check out the demo on our YouTube Channel

Available now in The App Store

Mobile Solutions

Whether you want to arm your personnel with proprietary business software, or you need an app in The App Store to increase your company’s visibility, Blackout Labs can help.  Contact us.

Band Apps

If you are looking to distinguish your band, reach a new audience, and keep in touch with existing fans, consider a custom iPhone app from Blackout Labs.  Other band app companies are offering cookie cutter apps that give little value to their users.  Blackout Labs can deliver a much more powerful and engaging, fully customized version of these apps and much more.  Create a remix app, game, or a powerful content based app that you can dynamically update at anytime.  Give your app away for free and use it as a promotional tool.  Or sell your app in The App Store to create a new revenue stream.  For more information on custom iPhone apps, contact us.